The group's history

Jean Duforest, co-founder of the Camaïeu Group, takes over the child section of the company with his business partner Jean-Luc Souflet, with 30 stores, 100 employees and one common goal: "Working to make a better world for growing children".
The Okaïdi Brand is officially launched with 100 stores and 440 employees. Okaïdi: a modern brand for children aged 0 to 14, with an affordable, comprehensive product range which respects the ideas and identity of every child in the world.
The Brand is launched internationally. Okaïdi has opened 160 stores all over France.
Okaïdi launches the Obaïbi brand with a new concept intended specifically for babies and young children from 0 to 5.
Creation of the Okworld association whose mission is to fund actions promoting the respect and protection of children throughout the world.
Creation of the Rigolo Comme La Vie association, a childcare centre for small children (nursery) meeting the needs of families by creating a link between local neighbourhoods and the company.
The company changes its single brand organisation to a multi-brand model and becomes ïdgroup.
Jacadi joins ïdgroup. An authentic, prestigious and contemporary French brand which conjures up nostalgic childhood memories.
Véronique Delachaux joins ïdgroup. A brand of maternity clothes for looking great right through pregnancy.
The 1st multi-brand ïdkids store opens, with child-friendly facilities and services for children aged 0-12.
ACT FOR KIDS to make our customers aware of our original mission from 1996.
Oxybul Learn & Play joins ïdgroup.
BUBBLE MAG parenting magazine joins the group. This publication is a source of inspiration for conscientious and astute parents, with a circulation of 151,000 in France.
Launch of the OB'Mum line by V. Delachaux, a practical and fashionable range for expectant mothers. Easy to wear outfits so that future mums can stay themselves throughout their pregnancy.
ID Group becomes ÏDKIDS group uniting specialist children's brands in support of ACT FOR KIDS.
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